Standardised EV Charging points?

And from Japan. "Let's have a cup of tea while charging". Japanese car makers join forces for standard charging stations.
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Potential opportunity...

Attention anyone looking for a business proposition - set up an electric vehicles parts supplier business on the eastern coast of Australia.

EV Charge points in OZ

Peter from Perth has set up an EV web site including a map of EV charging points in OZ. Looks like a worthy enterprise. Check it out.

Mitsubishi's i-MiEV arrives in OZ!

Well, two of them arrived in Brisbane. I hope they are a breeding couple!


VOLKSWAGEN has confirmed it will produce a suite of hybrid and electric models based on the Up! micro, Golf hatch, Jetta sedan and mid-size Passat by 2013 in its drive to become the market leader in ‘E-mobility’ vehicles. Full article at

Vic Gov. to run EV trial

AUSTRALIA’S biggest trial of electric vehicles (EVs) has been announced by the Victorian government to test the impact and benefits of the emerging technology, including demands on the electricity network, as it attempts to steal the march on other states as the Australian EV industry leader.
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Update 1 - batteries

I've now got a few ideas of where I want to head and thought I'd write them up.

My basic requirement is to be able to do 100KM/hr so I can drive anywhere in Canberra without being a hazard to traffic, and to be able to drive for at least an hour at 80KM/hr.

Solar conf. in Canberra in Nov.

AuSES (previously ANZSES) annual conference to be in Canberra this year (last week of Nov.)

Oh Yes Baby! Sock it to me!!

Wanna make your EV sound like a Mack truck? Here is a gizmo to make your family car sound like a V8. The next step is to get something like this for EVs.
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Canberra EV discussion list

By the way, it's not obvious from the main pages but you can join the discussion list by using the interface at

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