Brilliant cement making technology mimics coral while removing CO2 from the atmosphere

Setting Portland cement releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Mass of CO2 released is equal to the mass of cement. There are approximately 2 tonnes of cement for every person alive today.

FAO Media Centre: "energy-smart" agriculture needed to escape fossil fuel trap

FAO = Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

What can we do with high speed broadband? (podcast)

Mark Keil has a vision for networking regional Australia. Mark is the chief information officer from the city of Chattanooga in the United States & one of the guest speakers at the annual conference SEGRA – Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia – [October 2011] ... in the regional Victorian city of Geelong.

By installing high speed broadband and wireless throughout his community, the fastest in America, Mark has helped create jobs, save carbon output, manage power, sewerage & traffic & provide social equity of access.

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